Red Hat and IBM join forces

Together, we'll foster open source innovation and simplify IT through a complete open hybrid cloud.

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We may have different origins and interests, but when it comes to what we do, Red Hatters and IBMers share a common purpose. See what unites us.


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There are jobs, there are careers, and then there are movements. And I really believe open source is a movement.

Stefanie Chiras
Red Hat
Stefanie Chiras

The open source movement

Mike Spisak

Building a better world

We’re all, kind of, bonded together under this mission to just make the planet a better place.

Mike Spisak

Red Hat solutions and some of the amazing technology that we built over the last 20’s going to bring it to an entire new class of customers.

Paul Frields
Red Hat
Paul Frields

Innovation at scale

Red Hat and IBM at Red Hat Summit 2019

Jim Whitehurst and Ginni Rometty

Jim Whitehurst & Ginni Rometty

Paul Cormier and Arvind Krisna

Paul Cormier & Arvind Krishna

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