About NipClub

Welcome To NipClub!

Our Mission: Entertaining Anipals to Help save animals

Every Thursday from 4pm in Eastern USA (9pm in the UK), and on the 2nd Saturday of every month for 24 hours from 2pm Saturday in Eastern USA, we open NipClub doors to throw a Twitter pawty with a purpose – well, actually two purposes.

  1. We raise funds for small, no-kill, registered non-profit animal shelters and rescues, many of which are seriously struggling for funds to do their vital work of saving animals; and
  2. We aim to give all anipals, regardless of whether they’re able to donate to our featured charity or not, a lot of fun!

How To Get To NipClub

Log into Twitter and search for the hashtag. On Thursdays that is #NipClub – our weekend events each have an individual hashtag, but you’ll see plenty of publicity on Thursdays about what the upcoming one is going to be.

Please note that if you have your account protected you’ll need to unprotect it while you’re at the pawty or no-one will be able to see you, but it’s easy to protect it again afterwards.

Who Goes To NipClub?

We’re a group of anipals, which means that most of us tweet as cats, dogs, rabbits, ferrets and various other animals – teddy bears and other stuffies are very welcome, too, and we even have a few cool humans!

Where Did We Get The Name?

Nip stands for catnip, much loved by the kitties who founded NipClub,  @kingtuttifruiti, @TheNascarKitty, @MaggieTKat and @kittehboi! It sums the club up perfectly, as a place where anipals relax, unwind and have some fun.

What We Do At NipClub

We have theme pawties (think fancy dress for avatars!) where we go to exotic places (Monte Carlo, Alaska and the International Space Station come to mind) or travel in time (our Speakeasy visit was a great success, just like  our trips to the 1960s and King Arthur’s Camelot). We don’t take ourselves or our themes too seriously, we get up to plenty of good-natured mischief, and we laugh a lot!

We have DJs who will play you lots of music (just click on the Tinysong, Grooveshark or YouTube link in their tweets), barktenders who will offer you a Menu of some highly original complimentary noms and drinks, quizzers (at the weekend pawties) who will give you the chance of winning some great prizes, and Sekurity, who deal with gatecrashers and take part in some of the entertainment.

We’re a very friendly crowd – do come and join us!


What Anipals Say About Nipclub

“I come to NipClub because it is fun, social, and is for a good cause. It satisfies my social urges from the comfort of my own sofa, without having to get all dolled up. I work at NipClub because it makes me feel good, and it is a fun way for me to help out and feel needed.” @PepperPom

“NipClub is the greatest online hang-out I know, where we can make lasting friendships, have a lot of fun, and do real good for small shelters struggling for funds. The response I see from those we’ve helped, and people unable to leave their home to have a social life off-line, moves me to tears and makes me very proud to be a volunteer DJ. To sum up NipClub in two words – it rocks!” @ShaynaCat


Please note that NipClub.com, nipclub.blogspot.com (for details of our Thursday NipClub pawties) and pawty.nipclub.com (about our monthly weekend pawties) are intended solely for use by those over 13 years of age (or legal age for COPPA type laws in  your country). By using this site, you confirm that you are of legal age and that you agree to hold harmless all NipClub staff, management, helpers and guests.

Anyone who does not agree to these terms must not use these sites.